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Island 22 is closed to all riders for Event Set Up

The Island 22 Horse Trials Entry deadline is Aug 22 - for links to the omnibus page, entry form or other info please visit the Island 22 Facebook page.


Just as a reminder in this beautiful weather that there is no over night camping allowed at Island 22 unless hosting events or large clinics. In order to do so the park needs to be rented out for a minimum of 2 days and your group needs to pay for the security guards in the gate house for your over night time. Around $800 plus depending on number of nights. This needs to be arranged a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to get approval from the FVRD and for security to be arranged. Thank you everyone.

please note there is jump construction this spring and new jumps will be closed for ground settling etc. Please use caution and be aware.

Email if you would like to be added to the calendar for an event, show or clinic!

Ring footing is ALWAYS perfect in all three rings.

Email now to reserve or tentatively reserve your ring or park rentals for the year.

Please contact us directly about fees at All events big and small within the equestrian park must go through the society. Thank you.


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 Island 22 is a regional park located along the edge of the Fraser River in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.  

 Layout of the Park (pdf format)

One side of Island 22 is an excellent and very popular boat launch. The other side is a publicly owned horse park and cross-country training facility: the first of its kind in B.C.  

The horse park has become the main training grounds for most riders in the Fraser Valley area and beyond. It is a safe, affordable and beautiful site that is under the loving care of the Horse Park Society. Just about every event horse in BC has been ridden at Island 22 Horse Park at some point.

Officially Island 22 is a regional park under the jurisdiction of the City of Chilliwack. It is funded completely by grant, donation, and event money, and is maintained strictly by the The Society.

This website is under constant construction and all of the important  park news, event news and updates will be highlighted on a separate page for you to take note of.

Subscribing will allow you to receive site updates. Your email address will be kept private.

One of the things that horse people love, and that makes a web site great, are pictures. If you have one or two great shots of you down at Island 22 riding your horse, walking your dog, fishing or camping, please send it to us: we would love to include it in our photo album.

Island 22 Horse Park is a park for people: it is people that make it happen and keep it alive.  




 The Island 22 Horse Park Group






Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Aug 30 at 1:00 AM - Tuesday, Sep 5 12:59 AM
Friday Sep 15 - Sunday Sep 17
Saturday Sep 23 - Sunday Sep 24

Park Conditions

Water jump - old jump perfect, new jump too full

Mosquitoes - close to zero. Few more at night.

Mowing - happening August 16

XC Courses coureses are limited to permanent jumps and minimal lower level jumps. please do not over jump. be aware of footing and fallen branches.

Rings - all three rings have excellent footing.  Stadium jumps in the front ring. Jumps donated by the Society and Mt. Cheam Pony Club. DO NOT TOUCH THE POLES AND WINGS IN THE STORAGE SHED. TAMPERING WITH THESE WILL RESULT IN ALL STADIUM JUMPS BEING REMOVED FOR PRACTICE USE.

Footing amazing footing at the park. little wet in some areas. please use your riding smarts.

Gatehouse - open. parking fees in effect. $5 per car. $10 per truck and trailer. Trailers must park in front parking lot. 

Reminder there is NO overnight camping allowed in the park without park rental. Contact Island 22 Society for details.

Please check Facebook page for most upto date photos and info on park conditions.

Island 22 Equestrian Park

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    Lori Rhodes
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