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BC Eventing Sites

Here is a list of Eventing Sites in British Columbia.

National Equine Websites

The National Websites for Various Equine Organizations.

Equine Canada

Representing, promoting and developing horse sport and interests in Canada - we share your Passion!

Canadian Eventing

Links to all Provincial Horse Trials Groups.

The Canadian Pony Club

The Canadian Pony Club is an organization run by volunteers for young people up to 25 years of age who are interested in riding, learning about, and/or caring for horses or ponies. We have about 3000 members in about 180 Branches from coast to coast in Canada. World wide, the Pony Club is in at least 20 other countries with over 100,000 members!

Dressage Canada

Dressage Canada's objective is to foster the growth of Dressage and the pursuit of excellence in the sport at the local, national and international levels. Dressage Canada provides support and guidance to both amateur and professional through the following programs: coaching education and programs, officials education and programs, rules & qualifying criteria, sport development, publications & awards.

Vault Canada

Vaulting is the performance of gymnastic and dance-like movements to music on a moving horse. The horse is controlled by a lunger who sends him in a circle around them on the end of a lunge line which is attached to the bridle the horse wears on his head. The horse also wears a special surcingle around his belly which has hand grips and stirrup-like loops for the vaulter.

Para Equestiran Canada - Click on word link to go directly to the website.

Para-Equestrian Canada is the discipline committee of Equine Canada that is responsible for developing and implementing programs on behalf of the Para-Equestrian community and administrating the high performance program for dressage riders with a disability.